Cleans what couldn’t be cleaned

Due to the magnetic attachment system the robot cleans above and below the waterline. Knowing that up to 20% of the fouled ship surface is above the waterline, this is a useful skill. » read more…

The waterline of the ship is constantly changing, especially when load differs. This change results in more algae and growth of barnacles around the waterline, while this area is prone to more daylight and normally higher temperatures. The Fleet Cleaner makes sure that with its special technique it can clean, with the same machine and the same effort, above and under water. No time is lost with difficult procedures, the cleaning business will continue.

Won’t damage your ship

Due to the use of high pressure waterjets the coating remains intact during the cleaning process. The Fleet Cleaner can adapt its pressure to the specific type of coating, in order to make sure you keep what is valuable. » read more…

Your ship needs to earn the money and is looked after with care. Based on the coating specification we adjust the pressure. The technique which is selected, cleaning with high pressure waterjets, is not common in the market. However, research shows that other techniques often lead to coating damages. While it is often under water, it stays unnoticed for a long time. When you choose the Fleet Cleaner this uncertainty is managed, we guarantee the quality of your coating.

Is able to capture all the fouling

The robot is able to capture all removed fouling. So, not only the ship will have lower emissions while in action, also the water in the harbour will not get affected by the cleaning operation. This feature gives us permission to clean in port.
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Most harbours and ports will not allow ‘dumping’ of removed fouling. The algae and barnacles often contain unwanted parts. Parts which will threat the harbour environment. Local authorities are keeping track of the cleaning jobs done and will not allow companies which won’t offer capturing. Our system is fully tested and we are able to guarantee that we collect 100% of the removed fouling. We not only see it as our duty in order to maintain and control the environment, it also gives us permission to do our job legally.

Cleans while loading and unloading

Maybe even more important…
The Fleet Cleaner is able to clean the ship while it is loading and unloading in port.
By doing so, no valuable time is lost.

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We come to you.
Based on the exact times of docking we make sure we clean the ship in the narrow time frame you have in port.
The valuable time will be used more efficiently in future.
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Cleans curved surfaces

The robot is designed to clean curved surfaces.
Knowing that around 60% of the ship’s hull surface is curved this is a feature that cannot be excluded.

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Curved surfaces come with new challenges.
The robot however is able to adjust the angle of its cleaning heads.
Where other cleaning techniques loose out, the Fleet Cleaner makes the difference.

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