Rotterdam, April 2017

The robust robot, with added material to make sure we will not loose the Fleet Cleaner in any circumstance, has done its job again. The ship ‘Vlieborg’ of Wagenborg is cleaned in the port of Rotterdam. A lot of fouling came off. With the use of Fleet Cleaner we are able to save up to 30% of fuel consumption. Of course, this will be measured in practice. In normal situations 5 up to 8% of reduction of fuel consumption will be achieved. The same is true for the percentage of reduction of CO2 emissions. So, not only costs will be saved by using the technique of the Fleet Cleaner, also the impact on the environment will be lower.

Superintendent of Wagenborg, Otto Steenweg, underlines the importance of a clean ship. “Most companies focus on the cleaning of only the ‘underwater’ part of the hull. However, most fouling can be found around the waterline. We are very confident that the Fleet Cleaner will be used often, while the machine is able to clean below and above the waterline. It’s a very efficient way of cleaning for us.”