Fleet Cleaner aims for autonomous hull cleaning

Fleet Cleaner is one of the leading players in the ship hull cleaning industry and aims to set an even higher standard for hull cleaning. The company strongly believes that robotic hull cleaning is the future. “We constantly see that our autopilot can control the robot better than any human operator. However, we want to take this to a whole […]

Fleet Cleaner cleans several 350m+ sized container vessels in Dutch ports

After recently launching its innovative ship hull cleaning installation in all Dutch ports, Fleet Cleaner has successfully cleaned various container vessels with a length of over 350 m during loading and unloading at the terminals. All these cleanings were conducted without causing any downtime for the shipping companies, even when combined with bunkering activities.

“The costs of fouling are often underestimated,” […]

OH Ship Cleaning offers FleetCleaner in all Dutch ports

Recently the company Fleet Cleaner has made its innovative ship hull cleaning service available to all ports in the Netherlands. The extended availability was directly utilized with the hull cleaning of the Chiquita België vessel in the port of Flushing. With this, Fleet Cleaner is the first company to clean ship’s hulls in all Dutch ports.

The Chiquita België was cleaned […]

A clean ‘Vlieborg’

Rotterdam, April 2017

The robust robot, with added material to make sure we will not loose the Fleet Cleaner in any circumstance, has done its job again. The ship ‘Vlieborg’ of Wagenborg is cleaned in the port of Rotterdam. A lot of fouling came off. With the use of Fleet Cleaner we are able to save up to 30% of fuel […]

Fleet Cleaner: a successful pilotproject

Fleet Cleaner has successfully tested its unique ship cleaning technology in Groningen Seaports. By removing fouling from the ship’s hull, fuel consumption can be significantly reduced for shipping companies.

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