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Selected provider

OH Ship Cleaning is the selected service provider, which makes sure that your ship can be cleaned in Dutch ports. OH Ship Cleaning is part of Royal Oosterhof Holman. Royal Oosterhof Holman is a new player in the shipping industry. However its goal will not change: we strive to create and facilitate infrastructure, which is ready for the future.

Made for perfection

OH Ship Cleaning has the privilege to offer the Fleet Cleaner in Dutch ports and assists the young team to kickstart the business. Together we manage to offer a perfect service. We are able to clean your ship in a way which is not achieved by competition (yet). We hope to keep that that way.


The Fleet Cleaner

  • Cleans what couldn’t be cleaned
  • Will not damage your ship and guarantees the coating
  • Is able to capture all fouling
  • Cleans also the curved surfaces
  • Cleans while loading and unloading


By doing this OH Ship Cleaning provides you the service which gives you:

  • A clean ship
  • A faster ship
  • A ship with significant lower fuel costs
  • A ship which has significant lower emissions levels


Beside the Fleet Cleaner, OH Ship Cleaning offers:

Additional hull inspection

The Fleet Cleaner works with a precise track and trace system and knows exactly which parts it did clean. Additional technology enables us to deliver data concerning the condition of your ship. The report shows data like thinkness of steel, coating condition etc. This information is valuable and makes sure that unnecessary trips to the docks are not necessary anymore. Potential critical points will be noticed.

Additional hull fixing

Working with certified divers enables us to fix the weak spots immediately. These quick fixes make sure you will not run any risks related to the problems with the hull and coating. OH Ship Cleaning selected a few companies, together we offer the solution to your problem.

Underwater propeller inspection

An area which cannot be reached by the Fleet Cleaner is the propeller. This part however is very important to the ship. OH Ship Cleaning selected a few companies which are able to work in these harsh conditions and do the important job.

Additional propeller cleaning

OH Ship Cleaning selected a few companies which are able to offer cleaning services of the propeller.

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